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Weave hairstyles 2015 for oval faces

Weave Hairstyles 2015, asically an oval facial shape is the ideal facial shape so suitable for any model, but may be more focused on the deficiencies such as, for example, cover a wide forehead. DONT’S: cover your face with heavy bangs. Avoid having a haircut that covered the face as well as avoid styling hair that is too high so make the face look even longer. To make your appearance more attractive, chose bob layer, beachy waves and shoulder shags hairstyle. Will look more attractive if the hairstyle slightly upward or away from the face of so showing an oval face shape. Remember also to avoid using too many or heavy bangs.

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Heart facial shape – Has a typical pointed chin and firmly jaw. You just choose a hairstyle that can reinforce and covered the shape of the face or jaw. Because those can help to make your appearance more attractive. The following step you can try is Short hair will further reinforce your facial shape. Long and medium hairstyle will give a good balance on a firm jaw and pointed chin.the hairstyle that is too high at the top (plummeted short bob) not too advantageous for heart face.Also, avoid the side hairstyle that is too heavy, or layers on the right and left side of the hair, which will eliminate the dramatic cheekbones. Better to choose pieces that are lightweight and not too textured.

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Weave Hairstyles 2014, Square facial shape

Square facial shape was characterized by wide and full facial condition. To get around to this square facial shapes the long layers cut or dynamic textured short hair is suitable for you. If your hair is straight, you can trimmed slightly to the side that faces sideways. You can make your square facial shape more attractive with body wave that can give the effect of curl or wave to the hair. This can give balance to this square facial shape. If your hair is very wavy tends to be curly, you are advised to thinned the hairstyle so it wont make your face look so full. You should avoid straight and flat hair along the jaw that makes that area look wider and not proportional. But If want Bob or short hairstyle, you can add layers in it.

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Round facial shape – The round face sometimes make the cheek looks so chubby and plumped. But having round face will looks more attractive if you know how to styling the hair perfectly. To enhance the round face, Give a little volume at the top or near the facial hair. Layers like long bangs or side bangs will make the face appear longer. Round face requires full or higher hairstyle, so that the face appear longer. If yo have the round face, you mat not applying round hairstyle along the chin because it will make your face more round plasticity. Also, avoid thick hair piece at the ear and cheek, because it will make the hair look wider. Beside that, if you have round face, you may not applied curly hair models, except an inborn. Beside that chin-length haircut, a center parting hair, volumes and expand haircut near the ear are also not suitable for those who have round facial shape. Weave Hairstyles 2015

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