unusual mens haircuts

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unusual mens haircuts

Unusual mens hairstyles

There are a lot of people who in any way have to stand out from the crowd. To attract attention to yourself, they are ready for everything.

So, let’s look at what are the unusual mens haircuts:

  • those who are prone to crazy antics, who shaved off the hair from the half of the head, and the remaining hair combs side. It happens that on the shaven temple you can see several strips or some figure;
  • a very popular asymmetrical haircut with long bangs and a little ragged mess on his head;
  • stylish but peculiar kind male hairstyle for a young man – a shaved head with a portion of long hair in the form of Iroquois;
  • short hair with hanging strand is a bold decision, to which not everyone is ready to go kid.

Funny, funny, informal men’s haircuts

If there are a lot nonstandard approaches to image and, of course, to the hair, that person considered more creative. Self-expression – is the main goal of these hairstyles.

Unusual men’s hairstyles with extra volume in hair roots, neatly stacked or the presence of slight negligence are relevant in this year.

unusual mens haircutsunusual mens haircuts

Were returned fashion trends from the sixties, in the style of Elvis Presley. If your haircut has lost its own form, do not worry, since regrown strands can be safely attributed to the category of unusual men’s hairstyles. The main thing is not to forget that any hairstyle will not look originally,if the hair is not well-groomed appearance, so you should always monitor the cleanliness and tidiness of your hairstyle.

Nowadays, hairdressers can create anything, most importantly the desire and the courage of the client. Professionals can make patterns, dye the hair, make funny hairstyles for men, the issue in an entirely different, there will be enough courage to the young man as seen by their friends. Some of kind of hairstyles you can see below on the pictures.



Fashion changes almost every day. Many men do everything with your appearance, to show their individuality, uniqueness, do not be like the others, and often exceed all bounds. Some of them look very ridiculous, somebody looks funny, but it does not prevent them from experimenting on their appearance and make some unusual mens haircut.

If you are one of those people who call attention to themselves, these models of unusual mens hairstyles korean are for you.

unusual mens haircuts6

18 Photos of the unusual mens haircuts

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