Trendy haircuts for square face shapes

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Top Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape: Square Shape

Ask any woman what is she dreaming about? Of course, she dreams about the eternal beauty and eternal youth. Good hairdressers can help you become stylish, trendy, and modern. He will pick a hairstyle that is suitable exactly to your kind of shapes. You can have a round face, oval, rectangular, diamond-shaped, square, triangular, and trapezoid. The kind of face depend on its length, and on the width of the cheekbones, and on the ratio of the width between chin and forehead.

Trendy haircuts for square face shapes

Trendy haircuts for square face shapes

If the width of your face is as much as its length, and the forehead, chin, and cheekbones are in the similar parameters, then you have a square face. Women who have this kind of shapes consider themselves beautiful enough because of heavy jaw broad forehead and pronounced cheekbones. It is all for nought! Properly chosen hairstyle can transform you beyond recognition – soften angular features and turned into a femininity, tender lady.

haircuts for square face shapes

Actual haircuts for square kind of shape

Smooth hairstyle only reinforce the shortcomings of the shape of the face, we recommend you look closely to the voluminous cascading haircuts. They are also very fashionable now. Ladies with a square face best suited following cuts:

  • ladder,
  • elongated bob,
  • cascade,
  • asymmetrical haircuts,
  • graded haircuts,
  • volume,
  • ragged haircuts.

All of them are designed to correction the face shape and hide his real boundaries to look but not clinging. Ladder, cascade and different hair length are diverting attention from the face shape. And a little careless asymmetry visually softens corners and sharp edges on the face. In no case, don’t choose hairstyles and haircuts with a smooth silhouette because you only emphasize its shortcomings. Also forget about the simple and lush bang because it is the first way to show how wide your forehead!

But any stylist will advise you choose asymmetrical bangs with ragged effect and side bangs. Also avoid straight parting. Oblique or zigzag parting is the best for you, which will shift the visual center of your face.

Another great decision – curls and waves! They not only create a romantic image of you with its soft and smooth forms, but also help to soften facial features. We can help you to select hairstyle.  See examples in photo gallery of haircuts for square face shapes and chose the most suitable.

Actual haircuts for square kind of shape

Haircuts for long and medium hair

Bob, ladder and the cascade can be done for long hair and for hair of medium length, too. The ladder should be had more intense layers above the cheekbones, then wane downward that do not to emphasize your cheekbones.

Haircuts for long and medium hairHaircuts for long and medium hair

Different types of bobs, like haircuts for square type face, are a real find! It can be multi-layered with a slightly ragged ends, giving the girl coquetry. And can be classically rigorous and discreet bob.

Haircuts short hair

In no case, don’t leave open your forehead if you don’t want that short hairstyle for square face shape become a disaster. Bias and side bangs should be cut a little above the eyebrows. This is ideal length for your face shapes.

haircuts for square type face - Haircuts short hair

How not seem surprising, but it is “boyish” haircuts will help you find the missing femininity. Lifting the roots of your hair, to create extra volume at the crown, do the French careless hairdo, and trendy image is ready!

Based on a shortened bob or pixies can create quite an unusual asymmetrical haircut for brave creative fashionistas. In this case, hanging below the chin strands left on the oval face will need to be supplemented with side parting bangs and torn.

Medium haircuts for square face shapes

31 Photos of the Trendy haircuts for square face shapes

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