Shaved sides hairstyles for men 2015

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shaved sides hairstyles for men 2015

As simple as cool, this haircut idea is loved by most men in the world. Called pompadour, this haircut has short shaved in the sides and high cut on the top. Usually, the top has about three inches. Somehow, it can be shorter or longer than that, depend on the taste. Although it is casual, it can be made formally by combing the top to the back. Anyhow, for the ones who tend to casual style, you can simply make it in mohawk style or rather messy. In addition, plenty variations of the top shaved you can explore as cool as fashionable. For instance, you are able to make it spiky and pomade will definitely helpful, for sure.

Amazingly, it can be both looked modern and classic in the same time. Classical looks can be seen from the top haircut. Meanwhile, the modern effect will appear from the saved side. Further, you would not only look cool. More than that, this shaved sides hairstyles for men depict stylish and fashionable look for your face.

The more fashionable hairdos of shaved-sides style you can find in the gallery of images. This post will ease you to decide what you want to do with your hair and how to make it perfectly cool. So, keep looking at the pictures and find the most haircuts you love.

Thanks for reading shaved sides hairstyles for men 2015. We hope this article will help you to find the best hairstyle ideas. Don’t forget to read layered haircuts with bangs for women 2015 for your additional reference. See you on the next post!



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