Retro Hairstyles: 7 step by step lessons

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Retro Hairstyles: 7 step by step lessons

The retro style associated with tenderness, a sense of beauty, and true femininity. Love for vintage hairstyles is fully explained by their pretty look and simple implementation. Now you will seeing it for yourself and you will learn how to make retro hairstyles step by step.

retro hairstyles step by step

Vintage wave. Fast Romance

Need: curling iron, long clips for hair, hair brush. For dry and unruly hair will require a fixing spray.

retro hairstyles step 1

retro hairstyles step 1

1. Retro hairstyles step by step

Step 1. If necessary, treat the hair with a fixing spray. To curl your hair. The result of curling fix with clips.

Step 2. Gently remove clips, unwinding strands in one direction.

Step 3. Gently distribute curls with a comb. Hairstyle is ready.

A strand upward or Victory Rolls. Classic pin-up and a great hairstyle for a party in the style of the 60s

Need: hair brush, 2 bobby pins, curling iron. For dry and unruly hair will require a fixing spray.

retro hairstyles step 2

Hairstyles step by step instructions

Step 1. Divide the hair into a side parting. Take a smaller part of hair and curl it with curling iron.

Step 2. Take wide section from the biggest part and move it to the forehead.

Step 3. Wind the strand round the handle of the comb to part-turn.

Step 4. Curl fix with bobby pins.

Step 5. Curl other strands with curling iron and, if it necessary, fix their.

Babette. An interesting hairstyle for a retro party.

Need: comb, curling iron, wrap or gum, pins, hair brush, hair spray. Optional – tress hair.

Retro Hairstyles

Step 1. Share the hairs on side parting, then bring the central section in 4 finger wide. Put it forward and fix with hair elastics or hair hoop.

Step 2. If you feel the need for an extra volume use tresses hair. You should attach their behind average strand and make bouffant. If you decide not used their make some bouffant at hair roots.

Step 3. Then let one’s hair down which were fixed in the step 1, and distributes their equally on both sides so as not to break the line parting. Ends of hair are placed on top of the backcombed hair. Design hairstyle fixed with bobby pins and hair spray from the nape.

Step 4. The tips of the hair should be laid into the lungs curls using a curling iron.
Hairstyle in the style of the 40s. Self-sufficient and useful (why – see below)

Retro Hairstyles: Photo

Retro hairstyles for long hair

Step 1. Distribute hair on the side parting, create curls using the curling iron.

Step 2. From the temple raise the section thickness in 2 finger wides and make bouffant from the tip to the middle.

Step 3. Wind the section from the tip on a finger of the left hand ( or on a finger of the right hand if you are left-handed), not reaching up to 2 cm root.

Step 4. Raise the finger up, gently remove it from the “spool” and fix the design by the bobby pins.

Step 5. Repeat for the opposite side. As a result, we should get two symmetric “shell” on both sides of the crown.

Ponytail in retro style. Just beautiful vintage hairstyle

Need: hair curlers, hair spray, hairpin (3-6 pieces), long bobby pins, hair brush, elastic hair, big bow (or other decorative element).

vintage hairstyling retro hairstyles with step-by-step techniques download

Retro hairstyles for long hair step by step

Step 1: Curl the hair on the curlers. The resulting curls fixed by hair spray.

Step 2. Part the hair on the middle (can be slightly to the right or to the left). Fix the side sections with bobby pins, leaving 2-3 cm on each side.

Step 3. Choose a central section from forehead of the width for 3-4 finger. Raise section up, as we did in the hair №4. Pin up with bobby pins.

Step 4. Alternately curl “shell” on the sides, as in the hairstyle №4. Fix bobby pins

Step 5. The remaining hair collect in a ponytail and pick up with hair ties. Over it attach a decorative element.
Low waves

Need: hair brush, hair fixing spray, hair elastic or big hairclip, long hairpins (14-16 pcs.)

Retro hairstyles for long hair step by step

Retro hairstyles for long hair step by step

Step 1. Split the hair into 2 parts: upsweep the bulk of hair and fix the hair elastic or hairclip. Curl other part of the hair with curling iron. Before you wind the strand on curling, treat it by fixing means.

Step 2. Moving layer by layer, from the bottom up. Each curl fix by long hairpin. Make sure that all curls exactly stacked one above the other.

Step 3. When all the curls are ready, we begin to untwist them. Untwist the bottom layers of the same as put them. Necessarily to brush the hair with thick hair brush.

Laying in the style of 30s or curl hair by fingers

Need: thick hair brush, hair fixing spray.

retro hairstyles step by step

Step 1. Split the hair on the sida part. On the first (working) part use the hairspray.

Step 2. Brush the strand to hairline. At a distance of 5-6 cm from the roots laid the index finger left hand. Put the hair brush toward the head at a distance of 1.5 cm from the finger. Form the wave, lifting up the hairbrush.

Step 3. Instead forefinger you should place your middle finger. And the middle finger meanwhile should be placed over the hairbrush. Pressed by fingers part of strand (so formed comb of a wave). Hairbrush meanwhile moves by 1.5 cm down.

Step 4. The middle finger is still in place, and the index finger again lay over the hairbrush. Between the fingers must be deepening and 2 combs.

Step 5. Repeat the same procedure for the other side of the hair parting. Main feature this hairstyle – the same pattern on both sides.

Retro Hairstyles: Photo

Retro Hairstyles: Photo

Yes, perhaps, to make such a retro hairstyle detailed photos are essential. I think that on the question “how to make a retro hairstyle” we have already answered. We hope that now, when you have all this, you will easily be able to repeat that hairstyles what was possible for actresses and other women of fashion of the last century.


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