Military hairstyles for men 2015

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Military hairstyles for men 2015

Military hairstyles are no longer used only for military men, but also regular men. It is widely used due to its easiness in maintenance. It is also suitable for many face types. This is why military hairstyles for men are gaining its position in many countries as one of the hairstyle trends.

The simplest style is cutting all the sides of the head except the crown in shortest height. Most of the time, the barber will cut the head in around 2 millimeters or less. Then, the crown is left with longer hair, around 5 millimeters. This one is known as the high and tight haircut. To get this haircut, men can use clippers or razor shaves. To maintain the appearance of the hair, men can use some brands of hair wax.

There is also Ivy League cut which is part of military hairstyles for men. This one is very popular to businessmen. Basically, this hairstyle is longer than the high and tight haircut. The crown is quite long and can be styled in many ways. Men can get short bangs too. To arrange the hair, men will need brush to slicked it back. Shorter hair can be left a bit messy to make a sassy look.

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