Haircuts for women with a round face type

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Trendy women's haircuts for round face type photo

Fashionable haircuts for women with a round face type

We all strive for the ideal by improving our appearance. To get the perfect haircut, you need to consider such characteristic as the face shape. Women with round face type would better opt for haircuts without clear line.

So, while choosing a suitable haircut, one should give the preference to those that visually lengthen face. Therefore, it’s recommended to use vertical lines, uneven edges, side parts, layering and volume, in general, all options that won’t allow your face look rounder than it is.

Trendy women's haircuts for round face type photo

Important aspects of choosing a haircut

The main principle when picking out a fancy woman’s hairstyle for round face, regardless of hair length is following: haircut should be volume and individual strands should gradually encircle the outer contour of one’s face.

Here are some popular haircuts for this type of face:

  • Layered haircut;
  • Bobcat haircut;
  • Asymmetry in any variation;
  • Lengthened bob cut, providing that the edges are bent inward;
  • Straight, smooth hair;
  • Haircuts with ragged or graded edges.

Still, a haircut must be chosen individually considering the length and hair structure.

haircuts for round face

Practical tips for choosing a hairstyle for women with round face

Asymmetric haircuts for a round face are the most fashionable nowadays. They are perfect for this face type and look very impressive. Think of a bobcat haircut if you have asymmetrical or slightly updrawn bangs. Those who have boyish haircut it is also a wonderful option, providing that hair is not too thick. In this case, make sure that some strands hide your ears; this will visually lengthen a round face. Nevertheless, remember no matter what haircut you’ve picked out, the volume on the back of the head is a must.

Women's haircuts for round face

It’s worthy to mention that women with a round face shape can have bob cut only on condition that the front strands will be straight and slightly lengthened. Combination of a round face and long hair is an excellent one, long loose hair looks terrific. Furthermore, it gives an aspect so desirable with round face – it visually lengthens it.

If your hair is too wavy, then the best option is any layered haircut (for long or medium hair length), which begins a little bit lower the chin line.

Women with short hair can easily experiment with layered haircuts. As before, styling hair in a way of artistic confusion is essential. Carelessly thrown back strands of different length contribute to visual face elongation.

Trendy hairstyles for round face

The best option for the women with round face is a haircut with sharp contour edges (preferably shoulder-long length). Medium length hair is always fancy and it also visually lengths the face. This haircut is great for any age and will never lose its grace, no matter whether you have straight or curly hair. What is more, you can make a high classic hairdo tying back your hair and releasing several strands near the face. If you wish, you can also make volume curls.

haircuts with round face blond

Despite the trends, women with round face should be careful when choosing a haircut. Of course, it is better to consult a stylist, still don’t discard your ideas and preferences. With a new hairstyle, you can adjust the shape of the face and make your image classy.

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