Haircuts for women with an oval face type

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Fashionable haircuts for women with an oval face type

Oval face type is a classic and universal one. Practically any haircut will suit the oval face. Although to find the right kind of a haircut, one needs to take into consideration all the peculiarities of the face, which are nose shape, width of a forehead, etc., as well as age, scope of activity and, of course, one’s style. After all, an incorrectly chosen haircut can visually spoil the way someone looks, highlighting person’s weaknesses.

haircuts for oval face type

So the first thing to do is to find a skilful hairstylist, someone who is par excellence. This person can pick out a haircut, which will emphasize the beauty of your eyes, adjust the face shape and hide weaknesses. With a new trendy haircut, you will feel more confident and comfortable.

Stylists’ recommendations about the trendy women’s haircuts for an oval face

As it was already mentioned, any kind of a hairstyle will fit for an oval face type. Though, there are some canons one should consider while choosing a haircut for an oval face.

First of all, stylists recommend taking into account hair type and structure. Here are some tips:

  1. If you have hard, thick, curly long hair, you’d better choose shoulder-length haircut.
  2. If you have thick, hard and straight hair, the perfect option will be a bob cut. It will visually round off the elongated oval face.
  3. Those who have medium thick hair can opt for a short haircut. Then while styling, you can make a high crown, it will look terrific.

haircuts for women with an oval face type

Secondly, you need to choose a haircut considering the facial features which are individual for every woman.

  1. For women with a big nose, stylists advise to chuck in the long straight hair. Given that long hair is arranged on both sides of face, creating two vertical lines which visually “cuts” the face and elongate it even more. A hairstyle like this will only emphasize the size of the nose and make it look bigger.

Nevertheless, if you have long hair and a big nose, you’d better style your hair behind the ears or pull back the front locks and pin it, then you can visually make the nose smaller. So all you need to do is to choose a locky hairstyle without bangs, it will emphasize the beauty of your face.

  1. If you have a small nose, then you can choose a hairstyle of any length with bangs.
  2. For the women with a big and broad forehead it’s recommended to pick out a haircut with bangs that will cover it. However women with a small forehead would rather give up the idea of having bangs.

women with an oval face type

Thirdly, you need to choose a hairstyle in view of your complexion:

  1. If you are small in stature and have large, stout hips, a shoulder-length haircut is the right one for you. That is why it’s better for those with short hair to let it grow, in order to look more attractive. This haircut is also an option for girls with a short neck, as long locks visually lengthen it.
  2. A great idea for slender and tall girls is to opt for the shoulder-long length, although long hair will also look terrific.
  3. For the girls who are short in height, it’s better to choose hairstyles like pixie haircut, bob cut or bobcat haircut.

Haircut variations for an oval face

  • Bobcat haircut or lengthened bobcat

This haircut is very popular and fashionable. It can be slightly waved or, alternatively, straighten with a flat iron. Lots of celebrities have this haircut and Victoria Beckham is among them. As an option, one can have bobcat with bangs.

haircuts with an oval face type

  • Bob cut

Bob cut is very popular among women. It resembles bobcat and is considered to be a classic one in the hair industry. This elegant hairstyle will perfectly complement the glad rags; your image will be very feminine and romantic. Bob cut can be ear-long or shoulder-long.

haircuts for oval face type4

  • Layered Haircut

This hairstyle looks great with long and medium-length hair. Volume strands resembling layers will look bright. This “layered” haircut is perfect for oval face type and can be completed with straight or side swept bangs.

haircuts for oval face type5

  • Pixie haircut

This is a modern, stylish and bright haircut for the adventurous, fancy girls. It will look nice on short as well as on the medium-length hair. The lengthened, slightly side swept bangs is a great addition to this haircut. Thick, volume, a little bit wavy or straight hair will suit the best for pixie. One can characterize this hairstyle using just three words: cheeky, playful and eccentric. One more advantage of pixie haircut is easy styling.


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