Best hairstyles and haircuts for round faces

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Hairstyles and haircuts for round faces: create elegant image

If you  lucky girl with with cheeks and rounded features then you never suffered from lack of attention. Round face is a guarantee that you will look young and cute regardless of your age. On the one hand, it’s just fine. However, to create a classic elegant image will not be easy.

In any case,  best thing is spending some time for experiments to find the best haircuts and hairstyles. By the way, there are a lot of different kinds of haircuts so you can choose something  for themselves. Actually, our article aims to show all the options for different lengths of hair. All hairstyles have in common only one thing that they are for girls with round faces.

  1. Cascade

Most hairstyles for short hair mean that hair ends cropped unevenly. Ladder helps make a person’s face narrow. The shortest cascade is up to the chin, but the maximum length is not limited by anything except your imagination. However, you can do the cascade both on direct and on curly hair.

  1. The short bob in the French style

Definitely, you will not forget about bob, because it does not leave the leading position among the most fashionable short haircuts for round faces. Chin Length Bob draws attention to the lower part of the face and makes the features more sculptural. Sharp strands of the haircuts in the French style attract attention to smooth facial features that are presented to us by nature. Just make sure that strands remain straight and not round off the inside.

  1. Straight bangs

Straight bangs is the salvation for a round face. The main rule is that bangs should lie flat because other options can make your face even rounder. It can be lush and long enough, just make sure that by the middle of the forehead becomes shorter strands. So you attract attention to your eyes and hide wide cheekbones.

  1. Long Wave

These strands look breathtakingly. Besides that you do not have to adhere to any one style. Curls will look good on any length, as long as they retain a smooth wave. To achieve this hairstyle you can braid damp hair for the night.

  1. Pixie Haircut

Surprisingly but pixie haircut may suit you well. Do not believe in misleading that short hairstyles don’t suit to girls with round face shape. Just ask to the barber, so he made the short sides and profiled strands over your ears. As a result, your neck will look longer and cheeks will not so chubby.

  1. Long Ladder

We have already said that the stepped haircuts look good on round face. Select the ladder If you don’t like the cascade. Cut off hair for this hairstyle from the level of the chin and below because it will help to get extra volume and slightly long face.

  1. Side bangs

We cannot lose sight of the side part bangs if we are talking about hairstyles and haircuts for round faces. Bangs carefully framed your face, but don’t close it. Moreover, it will be save you from transformation your round face into square face. Moreover, it will be save you from transformation your round face into square face if you like centre part hairstyles.

  1. Ponytail

It is important to remember that you may choose not only hairstyles for round faces, but also quite famous hairstyles. Thus, a high ponytail is ideal for owners of chubby cheeks. He opens the cheekbones, lengthens the neck and draws attention to the lines of the face. A low ponytail is also nice but don’t forget to comb the bangs back and fix it.

  1. Decorative elements

Any crafty stuff like artificial hairpieces or strands is well suited for girls with round face shapes. The main thing , if you want use their. is to have your own hair lightly beaten out on the sides and created a natural “frame.” Remember that the decorative elements looking better than with milled bangs and thick bangs.

  1. Chin kare

Many successful haircuts for round faces suggest that strands almost reach the chin. Photo, by the way, can give false extra length. And, then, look at Bob or some version of a kare. Ladder, steep and soft curls acceptable, too. Just try that your haircut don’t look like a square.

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  1. Length

Long hair help to make the face more slender and make the face more refined. However, it only works with strands on the shoulders and below.

  1. Low wave

This hairstyle is called waves in boho style. It softens sharp facial features and visually stretches the outlines. Classical wave should start from the level of the cheekbones, but you can run them from the chin.

  1. Classic locks

Soft, well-drawn, curls can save almost any face shaped, not just the owners of the round cheeks. However, try to avoid. Romantic wave will suit you better.

  1. “Halves”

For this hairstyle, you will need to split hairs on the top and bottom half.  The top half will need to raise and slaughter, you can also make a light bouffant for volume, and the bottom half will leave loose. The good news is that this hairstyle can be worn even for the exam, at least for a formal event.

  1. Long and straight

You’d be surprised, but loose straight hair to suit girls with round face, too. However, this hairstyle you need to decorate: add volume at the roots, lay temporal strands behind the ear… In general, you may experiment to find the best option for yourself!

As you can see, there are a lot of different kind of haircuts and hairstyles. So you may try one thing after another, you get a lot of of successful hairstyles.

Despite this, we must remember the following things:

  1. Do not pull your hair by making a ponytail because you will make your face wider. If you can’t avoid this then release thin strands from the sides and they will distract the attention.
  2. Do not round off the hair ends inwards because it makes the face harder.
  3. You need to choose hairdos that will make your face slightly longer and emphasize your strengths.
  4. Evening hairstyle for round faces assumes an emphasis on top. This accent will make you visually slimmer, too.

Hairstyles and haircuts for round faces (photo)

We have listed, perhaps, all the best hairstyles and haircuts, as well as long and short, for round face (photo will help you bring them to reality), but there are many other options. In the end, you can take as a basis for something from our list, add imagination and get a unique image.


51 Photos of the Best hairstyles and haircuts for round faces