Easy 5 minute hairstyles for women 2015

Posted On: June 15, 2015 - By admin

easy 5 minute hairstyles for women 2015
Easy 5 minute hairstyles for women with Busy Time

Applying easy 5 minute hairstyles for women 2015 is very suitable for business woman who has little time in the morning but still want to look attractive. You can forget many difficult hairstyles such as fishtails, chignons with 25 extreme steps, and also complicated braids style. Below are some hairstyles that you can apply to save more of your golden time.

Simple and Smart 5 Minutes

The first style that you might try is waterfall braid with simplest two strands style of 5 minute hairstyles for long hair. You can do this style in five minutes or even less. Second is ponytail, but not normal one. Try to use twisted ponytail. Just divide your ponytails into two different sections. The one section should be twisted and wrapped to the other section. This ponytail is also perfect for casual occasion. By using headband, you also can apply the summer scarf updo style. Use a headband in stretchy shape, take the large sections and wrap it around the stretched band, then tuck the loose strands.

5 Minutes Full of Elegancy

Do you have medium-length of hair? Then try to use the low knot styles This style is perfectly suitable for 5 minute hairstyles for short hair until medium length of hair. Also you can apply pony style with knotted shape. For the simpler way you can use single twist style. Just take one section from the left part of your hair and pin it in your right hair part. Then cross over one piece from your right part to the left. To complete this style just tuck that hair under one piece of left part hair and pin it.

Hopefully this information can help you to find the most suitable hairstyle, especially for working women who don’t have a lot of time to think about their hair. If you want to see another hairstyle information, please read another article like hairstyles for men with thin hair 2015. Thanks for reading.


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